Product Photography:

Light Box- Zaful Bikinis

For small items such as necklaces, watches, etc. ($50+)


Your item photographed with or on a model, being the main focus of the photograph. ($50+)




Have your company promoted to over 83,000 people worldwide with social media advertising on the popular instagram account @emberwolves.

  • $100 - Your choice of up to three photos within one post, as well as a custom caption including a tag in the photo, caption and a hashtag. 
  • $75 - Your choice of one photo as well as a custom caption including a tag in the photo, caption and a hashtag.
  • $50 - I choose the photo, mention your company in the caption and tag your company in the photo. 
  • $30 - I choose the photo and caption, no mention or hashtag, but tag you in the photo. 


Have a blog post dedicated to your brand, including a 300 word write up as well as 3 photographs of the product(s). ($100)

Feature on Website- 

Have your company featured on my "Brands" portfolio page, including your company name as well as all of the photos from either the Light Box or Lifestyle product photography package above. ($50)


Each brand is unique, and therefor will have unique needs! Please contact me for a custom quote for your brands custom needs. 

All prices in USD and are subject to change.