• Photoshoot General Information

    Please review the following information prior to booking your photoshoot.
  • Before the Shoot:


    To book your session a signed agreement form and 20% initial payment is required. The agreement outlines the details of the shoot to ensure that the client and photographer are both on the same page in regards to the shoot and avoids any confusion. The non refundable 20% initial payment acts as a retainer to set aside the agreed upon date and time of the shoot and the photographer agrees to not advertise this spot to other clients. Please note that the shoot is not scheduled and the date is not set aside until the photographer receive the signed agreement and initial payment.


    If you have specific ideas or inspiration for the photoshoot please let the photographer know as soon as possible. A Pinterest board or screenshots of photos you like is helpful for the photographer to get an idea of your expectations for the outcome of the photos. This will determine location, posing during the shoot and editing in post production. While this can be beneficial it is not required as the photographer already has ideas in mind.


    Ultimately the location is up to you, but the photographer will give you suggestions based off of the style of shoot you select. Travel is free within Atlanta, but there may be travel fees to compensate for gas and time if the desired location is outside of city limits. If the location you choose has parking fees, entry fees, or any other fees you will be responsible for yours and the photographers payment.


    This is a photography service only, please show up completely ready to shoot. This means hair and makeup done (if applicable), outfits together, accessories on, etc. Please aim to arrive at the shoot 5-10 minutes before our set time. This will allow you time to park and get to our arranged meeting spot before the time for your shoot begins. Please note that we will not make up any missed time if you are late.

    During the Shoot:

    What to Expect:

    You will meet the photographer at the agreed upon location and together will walk around finding different areas to shoot. The photographer will let you know when they want to get photos of you and where. The reason for walking around during the shoot is to get a wide variety of shots with different posing and backgrounds.


    Relax! The photographer will tell you exactly where to be and what to do. The most important thing to remember is that your mood will reflect in the photos, so act confident in front of the camera even if you aren’t. Although the photographer will be posing you, don’t be afraid to move around and do what feels comfortable for you. Candid photos often turn out the best, which means lots of smiling, laughing and having fun!

    After the Shoot:


    If you select proofing as an add on to your shoot ($50/session) you will receive all of the unedited images in an online gallery. In this gallery you will be able to view and select which images you’d like to be edited. Proofing does not mean you get to keep all of the unedited photos from the shoot, the unedited photos will be watermarked to prevent downloading. The number of photos you’re able to choose depend on which package you select. If you love your photos so much you want more, additional photos are also available for purchase for $10/photo. If you don’t choose proofing as an add on to your session, I will choose which photos I think are best in my professional opinion.

    Image Delivery:

    Your final, edited photos will be displayed in an online gallery custom made for you. Here you will be able to download all of the edited photos from the shoot, as well as share them with family, friends and social media if you wish. Delivery time varies with each shoot depending on the session type, amount of photos, etc. but on average it will take 5-7 days for you to receive your final gallery. You will only receive digital files, no physical products unless purchased separately.

    Image Sharing:

    Image sharing on social media is encouraged, but here are some important things to remember when doing so. 1) Always credit the photographer- you are legally obligated to provide the name of the photography company when posting the photos. This could mean writing “by Savannah Avril Photography” at the end of your post, or tagging the associated social media account. 2) Never alter the photo- this means no filters or cropping. If you would like to photo adjusted, ask the photographer. Photographers spend a lot of time editing photos and throwing an instagram filter on top of it does not properly represent the photographers work.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this document, please feel free to reach out to me with any remaining questions or concerns.

    Savannah Avril




    Atlanta, GA 30307

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